Device Ecology Mapper


  • Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
  • Ph.D. project (co-researcher)


Problem: We wanted to ensure the prototype we had created was easy to use, effective for representing their devices, and meaningful.


This is a paper prototype of the design. The prototype contained a few variations we could alternate on the fly.


This is a shot of the digital prototype. A version that does not record data still is available.

Click here to make your own device ecology map on the digital prototype.


  • Two usability tests for two versions of the prototype.
  • Paper prototype evaluation using qualitative methods.
  • Digital prototype, which was mixed implementing some quantitative and some qualitative metrics.


From paper prototype:

  • Need to change terminology in parts of the prototype
  • Need for a new system to search and select devices.

From digital prototype:

  • while the interface could be improved, participants liked the prototype in general
  • showed them a perspective on the devices they own that they did not have before.

Outcomes: This research led to a CHI poster as well as improvement of the prototype from the paper prototype to the digital prototype.

Related Documents:

Paper Prototype Usability Report
Digital Prototype Usability Report (Both reports are based on data collected for academic research)


Dates of Project: Jan 2008-Mar 2012

Research Methods Used: Usability Testing

My Roles: Research, Writing, Artistry, Programming, Design