• Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
  • Ph.D. dissertation (primary researcher)


Problem: We wanted to compare various user research methods for analyzing community awareness and engagement with public displays.


This is an example image of the working system. The real system is no longer pulling data from Twitter due to changes in the API.

Click here to see an example with sample data.

Methods: We incorporated on-going logs of foot traffic, periodic surveys of users, and interviews after implementation.


This is an example of the display being actively used.

Findings: We learned while the displays did not directly improve the community awareness of events, there was an uptick in participation in community Twitter accounts. We also learned that the device we created was pleasant, faded into the background, and was informative.

Outcomes: The research led to one academic publication.

Related Documents:

Twitterspace Project Research Report (This is a transformation of this project from academic publication to research report).


Dates of Project: Jan 2007-Dec 2010

Research Methods Used: Survey, Interview, Observation, Data Logging

My Roles: Research, Design, Writing, Programming, Artistry


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