MegsRadio User Research


  • MegsRadio (Ithaca, NY)
  • Consultant


Problem: Develop further understanding about the music listening experience of user for personalized internet radio services such as MegsRadio.


Screenshot of the MEGS radio player, which promotes musical events, concerts, and events in the local area (each player is tied to a geographical region).



  • Created 158 item survey

  • Question groups included demographic and psychographic questions on music listening frequency/habits and software used, Big 5 Personality Inventory, and music listening activities (e.g., going to concerts, sharing music with friends, etc.)

  • Recruited 188 out of 1806 invited college-age students at Ithaca College to complete the survey

  • Analyzed data using regression analysis to see what factors predicted other factors


  • Found two groups of users: casual/social users and users who connect deeply with the music and everything about it.

  • First group seeks features to share and listen to their music socially, encourage social interaction, and set it and forget it streaming capability.

  • Uses software such as Pandora, iTunes Radio, YouTube, GrooveShark, and SoundCloud.

  • Second group looks for information about artists, influences, and connecting with others to exchange passion for music.

  • Uses software such as Band Camp, SoundCloud, GrooveShark, and

  • Computer recommendation was predicted by users who were extraverts and those seeking social harmony (agreeable people).

From a design point of view:

  • The “set-and-forget-it” type of service is over-saturated.

  • New designs need to connect with the way one of these two groups listen to music.

  • Social interaction should be openly supported and encouraged by all designs.

Outcomes: Research article was used in planning the future design of MEGS radio. Of particular interest was the relationship found between Openness (trying new things) and attending concerts, which is a feature supported by the software.

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Dates: May 2012-Dec 2013

Research Methods Used:Survey, Regression Analysis

My Roles: Research, Writing