Point Spring Website Redesign


  • Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. (Neville Island, PA)
  • Consultant
Point Spring & Driveshaft website


Problem: Corporate website needed update to connect with younger audiences, allowing the brand to compete more strongly in online environment. Social media and website were evaluated.


Corproate website includes company information and online eCommerce system. (Middle section of website is abridged.)



  • 3 primary competitors and the company website evaluated in depth

  • Custom framework for evaluation based on 11 articles and 6 books on best practices of UX design

  • Focused on aspects of functionality, navigation, data entry, credibility issues, writing quality, search, error tolerance and help, visual design, and accessibility

  • Rated on scale of 0 (major problems) to 4 (great shape) against above aspects

  • Commented on how website evaluated against framework

  • 6 more competitors were added to an overview of website functionality present on each site


  • Website must keep a more positive, inviting, welcoming, and sale-oriented tone

  • Website must promote its main benefits for its users and reframe everything in terms of users’ needs

  • Website must promote key sale items on home page
  • Improve scannability of webpages with shorter text blocks, bullet points, headers/subheaders
  • Visual redesign is needed promoting task-oriented imagery, sleek/professional lines, and layout that helps guide user

  • Open eCommerce site so anyone can view company inventory

  • eCommerce system should be focus of website

  • Add images and reformat information in eCommerce search results
  • Webforms, especially for checkout process, should guide user and make experience of using forms quick, accurate, clear, and streamlined

  • Add privacy policy and services page

Outcomes: Evaluation report submitted to client for feedback.

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Evaluation/Competitive Review Report

Social media Evaluation Report
(Based on failures of competitors to use social media effectively, Point decided to forgo social media for the time being. However, they have been convinced to monitor auto-created pages in the meanwhile.)


Dates: June 2014-July 2014

Research Methods Used: Heuristic Evaluation, Competitor Analysis, Content Analysis

My Roles: Research, Design