Supply Chain Exchange Portal Usability Testing


  • Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta, GA)
  • Digital Strategy & UX Contractor
Coca-cola website


Problem: The company endeavored to update their many internal portals. One of these portals was the Supply Chain Exchange. I was tasked with creating a usability test to evaluate overall information architecture and page layout for this site.


  • Created set of 11 tasks testing links in the menu system, features on the web page, and ways to navigate the website (for the pages that were completed)

  • Asked follow up questions on how easy to navigate and how easy to scan/read the pages were, how closely the pages matched their expectations, and how much they liked the pages

  • Sessions ran approximately 20 minutes with 23 participants collecting

  • Analyzed qualitative for usability issues

  • Prioritized usability issues into groupings by cost and impact

Outcomes: These issues were addressed into the future scrums for Agile development. The positive reception of the interface allowed the project to move forward.


SCX.pngSCX Website prototype tested in usability test created by another contract design group.


Planning documents used in testing:

Test plan for SCX and myTMD website prototypes
Test recording sheet for myTMD website
myTMD tasks


SCX Usability Test Results


Timeline: 4 months

Research Methods Used: Usability Testing, Qualitative Analysis