Product Discovery Workshopping


  • NCR Corporation (Alpharetta, GA)
  • UX Architect


Problem: Several product teams at NCR wanted to either kickoff new designs on legacy product lines, or create completely new products from scratch. They brought in the CXD team for design guidance, but we insisted on this workshop leading our engagements with any new product design. I led the crafting of these workshop for several of these engagements based on design thinking workshops put on by our team for staff at NCR as a whole. These product discovery workshops were essentially applied design thinking sessions.


While every engagement changed based on workshop length, people engaged (e.g., dev, business stakeholders, product stakeholders, professional services associates), and needs of the project, they would use some of these elements.

  • Preworkshop research of users and stakeholders
  • Preworkshop survey of knowledge and expectations of participants
  • Summary of design thinking principles and workshop ground rules

  • Summary of any data collected about users, goals of project and workshop, and summary of the problem we are trying to address.
  • Reflection on products people love/hate and why
  • Focus on who the users is and persona creation

  • Effort to scope out customer journey from awareness to engagement to promoting system to others

  • Brainstorm solutions and voting on idea to move forward with
  • Task analysis of core workflows

  • Rapid sketching/exploration of solution space
  • Simple wireframe creation

  • Feedback and iteration

Conducted with:

  • Cinema and Venues team to explore core problems while simultaneously finding avenues to contribute to and benefit from sharing work with other NCR product teams.
  • CFC & CMC Hospitality teams for new engagements discussing how to bring these tools into the Cloud and enhance customer experience.
  • APEX Travel team to create a new business rule management tool across multiple channels for airlines.

  • Engage Hospitality team designing a new marketing suite for their product.

Solution & Outcomes: These workshops have been created to serve to purposes. Rapidly gather as much information about a project space as possible and to help make diverse product teams feel they have a unique impact on and insight into the design process. So far, both have been massively successful to engaging teams in health dialogue and keeping designs focused.


Timeline: 8 months

UX Methods Used: Task/Work Flow Analysis, Personas, Customer Journey, Sketching, Wireframing, Stakeholder Review, Brainstorming